Age Verification

Age verification setup

"Age restriction" / Age verification uses two options:

To enable it, the user needs to do the following in the Back Office (Retail or Service business types):
Go to and define "Age restriction" value using any of these 2 options:


  1. On an individual item by editing it
  2. By applying batch action on multiple selected items 

Sync Franpos Register as usual. When the first product with age restriction is added to the cart, it will automatically trigger verification workflow (example attached). Additionally, verification can be initiated manually from (…) Options menu at the bottom of the cart. There is also a dedicated Access Permission to allow entering age manually, it is disabled by default and manager PIN override will be required at POS.

Recommended 2D scanner is CipherLAB 1504P but, theoretically, any 2D barcode scanner that supports PDF417 symbology should workWhen using CipherLAB 1504P, it’s best to configure it to pre-parse driver license data, it speeds up the verification process significantly. Expected pre-parsed format (Red – required fields, Bold – optional but strongly recommended, Italic – optional, “,” – required field separator if multiple fields configured):


Please refer to the scanner user manual to configure pre-parsed output (we will provide a cheat-sheet with scanner settings barcodes on our Support portal soon).

Important note: HID CHARACTER TRANSMIT MODE setting must be set to “By Character” for proper functioning on Android.

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