Auto-Connect Recovery PAX S300 (LAN Connection)

Auto-Connect Recovery PAX S300 (LAN Connection)

                                                                  Auto-Connect Recovery PAX S300 (LAN Connection)

We use this feature in order to secure a stable connection between POS Register and PAX S300 ( Credit/Debit Machine ) .

The main advantage of this feature is if there is any network issue at the store at any point of the day/night the internet goes down and comes back - PAX S300 machine secures a new IP address and tries to connect to the POS Register . If the Toggle ( Auto- Connect Recovery ) is Turned ON inside the POS Register it automatically connects to the PAX S300 again without any employee manually try connect it.

Franpos Strongly recommend customers to use this feature only if they have ONE POS & ONE PAX at the location or store .

Franpos Do Not Recommend customers to use this feature if they have TWO or MORE Devices at the location or store.

We do not recommend to use this toggle in stores with two or more Devices -  If the toggle is turned on and one PAX go to sleep mode or powered off , the POS Register tries to search and connect to the other active PAX S300 and will run into issues. Both POS will be connected to one PAX S300 and will result in transaction failure etc.

Steps to Turn the feature ON/OFF.

1. Please click on settings - devices - payment terminal - Auto- Connection Recovery ON/OFF.

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