Automated Marketing/Growth Marketing

Automated Marketing/Growth Marketing

With the Growth Marketing add-on, Franpos will allow you to create automated text message and email campaigns that deliver to your customers based on triggers.

Prerequisite:- Settings > Account > My plan and billing > Select Automated Marketing package

  • Marketing > Automated Marketing

To create a new campaign (text or email), click the "+" button:


The popout window for adding marketing campaigns will be divided into four steps:


Page 1: Name and Type

  1. Choose one or more locations to add this campaign to (only if you are a multi-location user).
    1. Note: Campaigns that are shared across locations can only be edited from the location it was originally created in.
  2. Choose whether to automatically enroll new locations in this campaign.
    1. Note: ONLY use this setting if this campaign is intended to be shared across all locations!
  3. Choose whether this campaign should be security restricted, only allowing those with special access permission to edit.
  4. Choose a name for the campaign.
  5. Pick whether the campaign should be delivered via email or text message.

Page 2: Message Content and Delivery Criteria

  1. Pick from one of the available "send criteria" which is the logic for determining when the message should be delivered.
    1. Most criteria follow an automation pattern, such "Customer birthday, send X days before" or "Customer did not return after X days".
    2. "Schedule date/time" criteria is available for blast-campaigns intended to send all at once at a specific time.
    3. "Send manually" is available for campaigns intended to be sent all at once, at-will. The "send" trigger button will be accessible inside the "⋮" button next to campaign name:
  2. (Optional) Choose an offer/discount to be sent along with the campaign.
    1. Note: In order to be visible in this list, discounts must be configured with "Use in Automated Marketing" toggle turned ON.
    2. Note: A single discount can only be assigned to one campaign at a time; two campaigns cannot use the same discount.
  3. Write the content for the campaign inside the large text field.
    1. For Text Messages: The basic text field will include a character-counter to let you know if the message is too long and will consume multiple SMS as a result. If possible, keep the message under 160 characters.
    2. For Emails: The rich text editor contains multiple tools for inserting media, and fully supports HTML. To edit the HTML, or paste in your own, click on the "</>" button in the toolbar.
    3. Both Email and Text Messages allow the use of template parameters, allowing you to insert variables such as "%CustomerFirstName%" into the message.
  4. Specify any variables for the send criteria. For example, if you are using the criteria "Customer who spent over x in last y days", you must define both the X and the Y for the logic to work.

Page 3: Recipient Segmentation

  1. Select whether this campaign deliveries to all customers, or only a certain group of customers.
    1. If you select Group, you will need to specify which group to target. Groups are referring to the lead source groups which can be created from the Lead Source page.
    2. If you select Registration Date, you will need to specify a date range. The campaign will only target those who registered within the chosen range.
    3. If you select Updated Date, you will need to specify a date range. The campaign will only target those who had their profiles updated within the chosen range.
  2. Specify a start/end date (only for recurring campaigns)
    1. For send once-style campaigns such as "Schedule date/time" only a start date will be provided.
    2. For manual send campaigns, no date needs to be specified.
  3. Some recurring campaign criteria will also ask for a specific time of day for the campaign to be delivered.

Page 4: Preview

  1. This final page will show a preview of your text message or email, including rendering any HTML.
  2. Included will be a field for entering a phone number or email address to deliver a preview to.
    1. This is useful for running a quick test to make sure your message looks good on a receiving device.
    2. Preview SMS will not deduct from your monthly SMS quota.
  3. When finished, press the "Save" button.

On the main growth marketing page, you can use the filters to sort between active and inactive campaigns, criteria, and receivers:

Inactive campaigns have their automation logic paused, meaning they will not send on their own. To set a campaign to be inactive, select the campaign with the checkbox and use batch actions:


Video Tutorial 

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