Connecting PAX via Bluetooth

Connecting PAX via Bluetooth

This article describes the steps on how to connect the Pax D200/D220 Mobile Pin-Pad via Bluetooth.

Enable Bluetooth on Pax

1. Press the green circle button

2. Enter the password 1234, today's or tomorrows date in this format: mmddyyyy



3. When you are in the Main Menu, press 6. or go down to Communication by pressing the F2 key and press the Green Enter button

4. Enter Password 1234, today's or tomorrows date in this format: mmddyyyy



5. Press 8 or go down to ECR Comm. Type

6. Select 4 or F1/F2 (and the green circle button) to select Bluetooth

7. Exit the settings page and go back to the main Pax screen. This should show the text "Please wait. Bluetooth init.."



Connect the PAX to the Franpos app

1. Open the Register app (Version 2.14.4 required)

2. Go to Settings > Devices > Pin Pad Settings

3. In the Pin Pad Settings, select Bluetooth as connection type



4. Press on Discover 



5. Find and select your Pax device in the discoverable devices list




6.  Press Test connection. This should enable the Bluetooth icon on your Pax. If the connection was established, press save



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