Create Booking (iOS)

Create Booking (iOS)


In this training, we will learn how to use the booking feature on iConnect POS. Pre-requisite: Please add the booking add-on and enable booking under booking settings in the back office. 

View appointments

  1. Log in to your iConnect POS app.
  2. Select Booking in the navigation bar



  1. You are now in the booking schedule.
    • You can now view your upcoming appointments for each employee (must be set as Service Provider), by day/week/resources (i.e. rooms)


  1. In order to view the appointment details tap on the appointment box


Book appointment

In order to book an appointment follow the next steps:

  1. Log in into the Booking page
  2. To add an appointment select the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner


  1. Select ‘Book appointment’



  1. A new box will appear.
  •   Fill in all the information for the appointment, starting from the top to the bottom.


  • You must add a customer to the appointment
  • If you can’t see services to the service provider, that is because services are not assigned to that service provider. You should go to and enable those service (checkbox) for that employee and hit save. Once iPad is synced you should see those serivces

Once you are done, click on ‘Done

  1. You have now created your new appointment in the system 



Check in/out and edit an appointment


  1. Select the appointments you previously saved in the system
  2. In order to check in/out or edit an appointment do a long press on that appointment.



In order to edit the appointment click on ‘Edit appointment’

In order to check in a customer click on ‘Check in’

In order to check out a customer click on ‘Add to check out’


  1. Once you click on the ‘Add to check out’ button, that appointment will be added to the check out queue.
  2. In order to check this customer out, you will then need to click the ‘Check out’ button and then to confirm the appointment you want to check out. 





Once you hit confirm you will redirect to the Register with all necessary appointment details

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