Customer Display Setup

Customer Display Setup

In this article, you will learn how to Enable/Disable Customer display plus with additional features to show on your customer display.

Note: If you're using Stand-alone Android Devices, make sure you download the Customer Display applications from > Customer Display 'Latest Version.

  • Settings > General > Customer Display

Note: The main "Info" tab of this page will only be visible in the parent location. All other locations will only see the "Advertisements" and "Promo" sections.


Customer Display Info

In your Back Office, please go to Settings > Customer Display

  1. Enable the Customer Display
  2. Upload a background image.  Add up to 4 additional images if desired.
  3. Enable signature to capture the signature on the Customer Display
  4. Enable tips to capture tips on this device
  5. Set the interval for how long you want each image to be live on screen.



Customer Display Advertisement

After we set up the Customer Display, we can add advertisements that will be live during purchase.

 Select the Advertisement Tab

Press on the "+"
  1. Enter the title of your Advertisement
  2. Select an image for this Ad
  3. Enter SKU you want to sell in this Ad
  4. Enter category of items to display this Ad
  5. Set timeframe advertisement will be live (if applicable)
  6. Set days advertisement will be live (if applicable)
  7. Set day of week advertisement will be live (if applicable)
  8. Save

Note: Advertisements created and shared from other locations will be visible in "Read Only" mode. They can only be activated/deactivated, not edited.


Customer Display Promo

On this tab you can add additional promo images to your rotation.  They could also be scheduled for specific times and days

Select the Promo Tab

Press on the "+"
      1. Add a title
      2. Add an image (2048 x 1536)
      3. Set timeframe advertisement will be live (if applicable)
      4. Set days advertisement will be live (if applicable)
      5. Set day of week advertisement will be live (if applicable
      6. Save

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