Customer Display installation

Customer Display installation

Installation with Franpos Customer Display:

In order to use the Franpos provided Customer Display, you need to prepare your ICR for the Customer Display, please follow these instructions.

1. Go to the Settings of your ICR and tap on "Security" 
2. Find "Login mode settings" and tap on "Login mode settings"
3. Enter the password (iConnect2015) and then tap on "Current mode".
4. Select Admin mode and then close your settings window

Steps to update the iCR:
1. Download the update from
2. Add the file to a thumb drive (don't unzip)
3. Plug the thumb drive on the front USB port of the iCR
4. On the tablet, tap the app icon (the circle with dots)
5. In the apps page look for the app called “Update” or "System Update" 
6. Launch the Update app and press update. The machine will take about 4 mins to update



The Customer Display needs to be enabled in the back office. 

In order to enable the Customer Display, go to your back office and click on Settings > Customer Display

1. Make sure to enable the Customer Display


 2. (Optional Settings) Enable signature, tips, and loyalty signup/redemption


 You can now start your register app and use the Customer Display.


Installation on Amazing Fire as Customer Display:


  1. On the home screen, tap "Settings".amazingfire1.png



2. In the settings, go to "Security".




3. In Security, enable "Apps from Unknown Sources" and close this window.




4. On the home screen, open the Silk Browser.amazingfire4.png



5. Download and install the Customer Display app from




6. Open the app and it should automatically connect to the server. Your customer display is now ready for use!



Installation with any other Tablet as Customer Display:

If you would like to use the Customer Display on another Tablet, please follow the instructions below.

This also requires that the Pre-conditions are met. Please see the Pre-condition above for instructions on how to enable the customer display in the back office.


1. On the tablet that you wish to use as the customer display, go to

2. Download and install Customer Display 

3. In the customer display app, select the IP address of the Franpos register you want to connect with.



4. The customer display is now ready for use


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