GL- Permission (AP)

GL- Permission (AP)

In this training, you will learn how to create account permission.

GL Account Codes - Permissions (APs)
1. Merchant/admin have the ability to add security and permissions for GL Account Codes.
The type of permission the user has: - Allow view GL Account Codes
- Allow 'Add/edit/delete' GL Account Codes'. This one is dependent on the previous one.

This means, if 'View account codes' is not checked, users can't check the next ones.
2. To activate/deactivate permissions, the user has to go to Menu/Employees/AccessPermissions.
3. After creating/selecting a 'Permission name' (this can be related to a group of people or an
individual), the element will display a checkbox list with all the existing permission. Under GL
account code, the user can check (activate) or uncheck (deactivate) the permissions.
4. For each of the following pages (Product, Discount. TaxSetting, PaymentMethod) add an AP
(Access Permission) (currently enabled only for admin) to 'allow assign GL Account Code'.

This should follow the other security conventions.

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