Growth Marketing Dynamic Content

Growth Marketing Dynamic Content

Growth Marketing Dynamic Content Guide

The following tags will import dynamic content from your brand into your email:

%CustomerFirstName% - This will pull first name from customer DB

%CustomerLastName% - This will pull last name from customer DB

%DiscountCode% - This will link a discount code from discount DB

%CompanyLogo% - This will place the individua store logo

%CompanyName% - This will place your company name

%CompanyAddress% - This will place the individual store address

            %Company.Address% - Address without City, State, or Zip

            %Company.City% - Address city

%CompanyPhone% - This will place the individual store phone number

%DiscountBarcode% - This will generate a barcode for your discount code

%RedeemUrl%- Creates a URL for a barcode version of your discount code

%ReviewUrl% - This inserts the link for customers to leave you a review

%eCommerceURL%- This will place eCommerce URL for those using Franpos eCommerce

%ParameterX%, %ParameterY%, %ParameterZ% -These parameter tags will display the parameter values configured for the campaign. An example of Parameters you can configure would be, If the store credit is greater than X and isn’t redeemed in Y days.

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