How to change units on the Detecto scale

How to change units on the Detecto scale

This article describes how to switch the Detecto scale units from lb to kg:

Initial Setup:

1. Enter the Setup Mode by pressing calibration switch on the back of the scale with a thin object.
2. Scale screen should display word "Type".
3. Press Unit key (bottom button) to display current scale type - should display "160".
4. Press Zero key (top button) to toggle through available value as many times as needed, this will loop through the values continuously.
5. When the value of "15" or "20" (15 can weigh up to 7.5 kg, 20 can weigh up to 15 kg - decide which one you need) is reached - press the Unit key to save.
6. Keep pressing Zero until no more settings options are displayed and the scale goes back to showing current weight.
7. Now press the Unit key one more time - this should switch LB to KG in the top right corner of the scale display.
8. Next step: The Scale MUST be calibrated in order to start showing correct weight in the newly set configuration.

Calibration instructions:

1. Repeat step 1 and 2 from above.
2. Keep pressing Zero key until word "Calib" is displayed.
3. Follow remaining instructions from the manual:
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