How to replace bill acceptor

How to replace bill acceptor



  1. Route Driver to Enter service mode on kiosk.
  2. Select Done- No password needed.
  3. Select Replace Bill Accepter.
  4. Exit service mode.
  5. Open back of Kiosk.
  6. Empty out Cash from Bill Accepter.
  7. Close- lock- kiosk.
  8. Route Driver End of day, hand moneys to counting room.
  9. Counting room Employee makes detailed list of Bills and amount turned in by Route Driver.
  10. Counting room Employee gives receipt to Back office Entry Employee.
  11. Back office Entry Employee enters Bill information to back office for Reconciling.





Cash and Coin Reconciling


2.Select Reconciling Cash Machine

  1. Operation (Prepare) – Type (Bill Dispenser)- Then select Generate
  2. Name of Kiosk will pop up, Select that Kiosk
  3. Input the amount of $1s and $5s you are putting in Dispenser and Save.
  4. Repeat steps 3 to 5 but instead of Bill Dispenser Select Coin Dispenser


To close out Cash and Coin.

“On Kiosk” Same as Bill Accepter

1.Enter Service mode

  1. Replace Bill Box and Coin Box
  2. Exit
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