How to setup Mailchimp

How to setup Mailchimp

This article will describe how to set up FranPOS with your MailChimp Account.


Follow the step to create a API key

1. Go into your MailChimp Account


2. Select API Keys from Extras


API keys provide full access to your MailChimp account, so keep them safe. Tips on keeping API keys secure.


3. Select Create A Key



4. Copy the compete number in the API box


5. Go back into

6. Select Marketing

7. Email provider settings


8. Paste the key in and save it


9. Go back to MailChimp and let’s create a list now.


Click Create List


10. Fill in all the details and select appropriate Check Box.






Once that is complete you need to add in email addresses

You can import Subscribers or create a sign up form


If you go back to and your import/export tab you can export your customer list.



At the bottom of Google Chrome click on the tab and select show in folder



Most likely it will download to your DOWNLOADS folder on your PC.



This will be the file you import into MasilChimp.


Select CSV file or Tab-delimited text file and click next.



Browse and select your file under downloads. Please also select "I understand that my billing may be automatically upgraded" to continue. 





Click Next to go to the Import Subscribers step and match the columns in your import file to the fields in your MailChimp list. 



Now let's match the columns in your uploaded file to your MailChimp list.
See an example of the import field match process.

You can Skip all or go through each field and decide what to skip or save.


Remove check from box to see only the fields you have saved.


Click Next to continue



The next screen is just a description of what is being processed.


Click Import to continue



And now you have a email list




Your email is now imported and synced with iConnect.

From within mail chimp you can now create and send email campaigns.

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