In this training, you will learn how to import your data into FranPOS which makes it easier to set up your company.

  • Settings >> Import/Export >> Import

On this page, you will see sections for the following data categories:

1. Products
2. Product Matrix
3. Services
4. Gift Cards
5. Customer
6. Employee
7. Employee services

For each data category, you can download an import template in any of these formats:

When you have your file filled with data to import, you can click on "select files..." to begin the import process.

Each section also contains a location-selector to choose additional locations to import data into (if your profile has multi-location access).

Additionally, the Product and Service sections give you toggles to alter the behavior of your import. For example, if you want to import a product spreadsheet without affecting price or stock quantity, you can toggle off those fields to prevent them from being overridden with new data.


Video Tutorial 

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