Installation Guide for Mini PC to get ready for ICR (Kiosk)

Installation Guide for Mini PC to get ready for ICR (Kiosk)


1. CX25.ocx - Open CMD Prompt with Admin rights and Execute Regsvr32 to Register the ocx file.

Change the current Directory to folder containing the actual OCX file and Then Execute Command.


2. Copy ""Config and test160-021_Rev 1.16.08 V3" Folder and install the setup.

Set will be installed in "c:/ProgramFiles(X86)/CX25 Config & Test" or c:/ProgramFiles/CX25 Config & Test” folder.

Copy ST1066.ini in Installed Folder from the CX25 Directory, Open the Default INI file and modify the 3rd and 4th Lines;


Prompt ini=No

If you are not able to save the file in the same location because of permission issue save it in some another folder like documents and then replace it in installed directory.

Go to apps ad try to open the installed app and check if demo app is working correct but machine must be connected in order to start the demo.

3. For envoy installer => if drivers are not supporting in windows 8 or 10 search for "guide to disabling driver signature enforcement in Win 8.1/ Win 10"

     Or follow below video for steps.

  4. Install "jdk-8u65-windows-x64.exe" for java framework.

Install "EnvoyInstaller-" for envoy.

Go to command prompt and type Services.msc and check for Envoy service, it should be up and running for activation of device.

Open the ARCA app from installed app, put the license key received from envoy people, and register the device Fujitsu_F53 with logical name like F53.

Start the demo from installed app and Check if device is getting initialized.

Contact person to get envoy license key –

Brian Honeycutt -

Main / +1 (919) 442 5200
Direct / +1 (919) 442 3759
Mobile / +1 (919) 903 0810

5.Install the installer from folder MPOST .NET_V3.50_API_and_Demos for Bill acceptor.

On connecting the hardware the drivers needs to be updated.

Go to Control panel -> Device manager and find the series 2000 bill acceptor under Ports(COM & LPT), right click and click on update the driver and give local drive path where "MEI_Series_2000_USB_driver_V6.50 (2)" is placed.

6. Once installation is done and drivers are updated go to the installed directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\MEI\MPOST .NET\MPOST for EBDS Demo in CSharp .NET and execute the exe demo app will be opened. Click on “launch Control panel “ then click on open device will show as connected. As shown in below image.


7. Go to windows icon tray at the right hand bottom corner and check for below icon that shows that service is running for communication.


 This icon will not be there at the first start up so for installation follow below instruction.

  • Go to ICRService_new\ folder.
  • Execute the IConnect.Desktop.Services.Windows.exeservice with administration rights. Then check the windows icon tray shown in above picture.
  • Right Click on the blue infinity icon and click on settings.
  • On settings popup check the “Run iConnect Service when windows start” so that next time onwards it will automatically start the service when windows will start.


8.To download the ICR follow below instructions.

9.In command prompt type ipconfig and hit enter take the IP address of MINI PC which you need to

Put in cash machine settings.

For doing settings go to BackOffice -> Advanced settings -> self checkout

Below Save button on right hand side there is plus “+” icon click on it to add new kiosk.

A popup will open put name for it, select type appropriate to your configuration full kiosk will have all the cash machines enabled and in cash less no money will be returned from machine it will only accepts the cash and credit remaining amount to house account, server IP would be ip address of LIVA mini PC where service will be running, put server port as 50000 and client port as 50001 then hit save.

Hit cancel from back office screen and on main page hit sync from left bottom corner.

Then go to settings ->Peripheral devices -> cash machine -> device (select the kiosk which you added in the back office) and click on test connection and then click on green Done button to save changes.

A popup will be shown on MINI PC regarding the connecting established or not.

10. Execute the TeamViewer_Setup_en.exe for single person use not the corporate team viewer. This is to take the remote desktop session for issue resolving.

 On setup check the basic installation and  personal/non commercial use and then click on accept and finish.

11. Change the Sleep mode settings of Mini PC

 Go to Control panel -> System and Security -> Power Option

Click on “Change when the computer sleeps” and make following changes and hit “save changes” button.


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