Material Setup

Material Setup

Material Setup

Materials allow users to build a Bill of Material for products that are sold. 

To set up materials, please follow the steps below  

Setup Stock Units - 

In your back office, go to settings > stock units

    1. Select the + button
    2. Fill out all required fields (Conversion is the conversion rate for the selected unit)
    3. Select Save

 Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated

After creating a stock unit, the page will look like this:


Add new materials - 

Proceed to Catalog > Materials > “+ to add a new material







Select Category

Select or create a new category for tracking materials



Select material vendor


Ingredient name

Create a material name


Ingredient code

Use default or create a material code



Use default or create a new material SKU


Buying stock unit

Select one of the stock units you created in the first step


Buying cost

Cost of the material you have purchased


Stock quantity

Quantity of product on hand


Stock unit

Prefilled based on buying stock unit selected


Bin value

Material bin value for storage


Min. reorder point

Minimum quantity on hand before alerted to reorder


Max. reorder point

Amount to build to when ordering


Display order

How you want the materials to be listed


Track inventory

Display names of products/items ordered


Is active

Enables usage of the material

Once you have added a material, you can add it to a product

Add material(s) to a product

Proceed to Catalog > Product

    1. Select a product
    2. Select the recipe tab
    3. Add materials 1 by 1 by selecting them from the drop-down list and entering – 
      1. Quantity
      2. Display order
    4. Select Add 

**** “Reduce ingredient stock upon sale” will take materials out of inventory each time a product is sold

Materials can now be tracked via the Material use report 

The Low stock report will also display materials that need to be reordered

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