Membership Setup 2: Creating memberships to sell

Membership Setup 2: Creating memberships to sell

In the previous article, you learned about the options that must be configured before you can begin creating memberships.

In this article, you will learn about how to create the various types of memberships and recurring charges in Franpos.

First, go to Catalog -> Products, and click the "+" button to create a membership item.

In the Add Product form that appears, you will see many options that affect how this membership will behave.

  • "Price": This is the amount to be charged to the customer during each payment period.
  • "Is recurring": Affects whether you are creating a membership OR a recurring charge.
    • Membership (toggle OFF): Provides perks and benefits to the member, such as discounts, vouchers, or membership balance.
    • Recurring Charge (toggle ON): An item to be charged in a billing cycle that does not necessarily grant any perks at the register. Recurring charges can be easily added to a customer's profile.
  • "Create voucher": Affects whether you are creating a standard membership OR a voucher membership.
    • Standard membership (toggle OFF): During each pay period, a member is granted a membership balance equal in value to the Price, minus the fixed fee. This membership balance can be redeemed for goods and services as a payment method at the POS.
      • Note: Only goods and services marked as "Pay by Membership" can be paid for using membership balance.
    • Voucher membership (toggle ON): For each pay period in the term, a member is granted one voucher equal in value to the Price, minus the fixed fee. Vouchers function similarly to gift cards and can be redeemed for goods and services. Each voucher has its own expiration date based on the pay period it corresponds to. A list of available vouchers can be viewed from a member's profile.
      • "Voucher expiration term": Number of days following its pay period that the voucher remains valid.
      • Note: Only goods and services marked as "Pay by Membership" can be paid for using vouchers.
  • "Pay Frequency": Affects how often the member will be charged the Price of the membership. Can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or a custom period.
  • "Default Term": The actual length of the membership, defined in terms of number of pay periods. For example, a monthly pay period with Default Term of 12 equates to a membership that expires after a year.
  • "Late Fee": Extra fee applied if a membership payment is made late.
  • "Late Fee Window": Window of hours allowed between the expected payment and charging the late fee.
  • "Charge in Full": This allows the member to pay the full price of the membership (combined price of all pay periods within the term) upfront. This eliminates the regular charges, and if used in conjunction with a Voucher membership, all vouchers will be awarded right from the start instead of once during each pay period.
  • "Auto Renew": This allows the membership to automatically renew itself after expiration by charging a card on file, or going to accounts receivable.
  • "Allow Rollover": Affects whether leftover membership balance (standard membership) will carry over to the following pay period.
  • "% Split with other store": This applies only to multi-location chains that share customers. This feature allows a store location to compensate other stores for membership benefits being redeemed at another store.
  • Product/Service Discounts & Price Lists: A discount or custom price list to be applied automatically for active members.

Once you have created all the memberships your business intends to sell, you can move on to learning how to manage active memberships.

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