Moving Employees to another Location

Moving Employees to another Location

As an administrator, there may be occasions in which you would want to relocate an employee record from one location to another location. Such occasions can include correcting a misplaced employee profile, or preparing for a store location to close.

In any case, it is possible to move an employee from one location to another location using batch actions. First, ensure that your own user profile has the necessary permissions to be able to perform this task. "Company Administrators" with access to multiple stores will always have this capability. 

Next, navigate to the employees page of the store you wish to relocate an employee away from.


Next, check the box of the employee you wish to move, click the "Batch Actions" drop-down menu, then select "Move to..."

Next, select the location you wish to migrate the employee over to.

After you perform the migration, there are a couple remaining steps to ensure that the employee profile will continue to function properly. You must immediately find the relocated profile in the store you just moved it to, check the access boxes for the new store, and re-save the profile. This will reset the employee's access permission level and allow it to properly access the new store.

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