No Power to ICR register

No Power to ICR register

Hold the power button down for 5 to 10 seconds and the Green LED printer light should come on.

If it does not power on, please check if it is plugged in correctly. Plug it into a surge protector, not directly into a wall outlet. Not plugging it in a surge protector is not going to damage your ICR, but we reccomend doing so in case of power spikes. However, power spike do happen and there is a fail-safe built into the power cords.

I’m sure you noticed the big power block on the cord. What most people don’t know about these power blocks is they can hold electricity in it. What I mean is if a power spike goes through and hits the power block it shuts down the flow of electricity immediately.

Please unplug power cord from the back of the ICR and plug it back in.

You will hear or feel a click when it is connected correctly.


Now hit the power button on the left-hand side of the ICR register.


You should see the LED light on the printer come on.

If not there is another trick we can do to get it to come on.


You need to drain the electricity from the power block.

You touch the positive post to the negative post.

There are two positive posts so due each one at a time.

Follow the three pics as I have sown below.


Look at the prongs as if it were mickey mouse ears.

Now touch the top left positive post to the bottom negative post

Then do the right top positive post to the bottom negative post

Do this a few times and then plug it all back together and try the power again.


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