PAX A35 (Credit/Debit Machine) Enabling Self Register

PAX A35 (Credit/Debit Machine) Enabling Self Register

This article guides you through how to enable Self-Register option in the Host Settings for PAX A35.
To start, please open the payment application (TransIT or Rapid Connect) on your PAX A35.
On the idle screen (blue background with PAX logo) press on the 4 corners one by one in the clockwise direction, starting from the top-right corner.
It will go like this: tap top-left corner, then top-right, bottom-right and in the end bottom-left.

Once you tap on the last corner, a password pop-up should appear.
Please enter today's date as a password in the format MMDDYYYY (ex. 01262024). If today`s date does not work, please use tomorrow's date or yesterday's date. 
You will be presented with the settings menu; here, go to Host Settings.

In the opened menu, scroll down towards the very end, and you will see the Host Register option. Please select Self Register in that selection.
After some setup messages (Processing... Please wait), the Success message will appear,
and the Self Register option will be turned on from now on. 
Exit the settings by pressing the back button (triangle) couple of times. 

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