PAX A35 (Credit/Debit Machine) Setup & Connection with Franpos Register

PAX A35 (Credit/Debit Machine) Setup & Connection with Franpos Register

PAX A35 (Credit/Debit Machine) Setup & Connection with Franpos Register

This article helps you learn how to setup PAX A35 with Franpos Register

Please unbox and connect the Power Cable to PAX A35 . Power it ON.

 Please call Franpos Support at 4088983217 (EXT2) and inform the representative that you need help setting it up.
Please provide the Serial number of the PAX A35 along with your Company name and Location or CID number . Please find the serial number of PAX A35 which is located on a sticker and you will find it if you turn the device around . It will look like in the picture below.

Please give the representative 15 to 20 minutes to verify with the team internally and call you back once the device is ready to proceed with the setup process .

Please connect the PAX A35 to internet with an Ethernet cable (LAN Cable) so the device gets internet connection and will download the required settings.
If you want to connect the PAX A35 using Wi Fi you are welcome to but we strongly recommend using the device on Ethernet over Wi Fi. 

FYI - In order to use PAX A35 on Wi Fi please make sure it is on the same network as the POS . If they are not they will not connect.

In order to connect the PAX A35 to internet on Wi Fi please follow the steps below.

Click on Settings which is on the home screen 

If the device prompts for a password - pax9876@@

Once you are inside settings - please click on Network and Internet - Wi Fi - find your store Wi Fi - type in the credentials and connect it successfully.

Once the device is connected to Internet (Wi Fi or Ethernet ) PAX A35 will start downloading and installing the updates by itself .
You can view the status of the installation by swiping/pulling the screen with your finger from Top to bottom. You will see the notifications like in the picture below.

Once the Device completes installing the updates you should see multiple applications on the screen like Trans IT,  PAX Store etc.

Please open Trans IT Application and agree the End User License Agreement (Terms and conditions)

This completes the Setup of PAX A35

Connecting PAX A35 with FRANPOS Register 

Please open Register application on the POS 

Once you are inside Register application please click on Settings - Devices - Payment Terminal 

Inside Payment terminal page - please type in the serial number of the PAX A35 and click on Find terminal IP.


Please make sure Trans IT App is opened on PAX A35 which looks like the picture below.

Once this is confirmed please comeback to the Register and click on Test Connection. If it says Connection Established it means the POS and PAX A35 are ready to run Credit/Debit Transactions.


This is how it looks like when you run a transaction from the POS to A35.
Please add an item to the cart and click on Charge and select Credit/Debit on the payment screen. Then follow the instructions on PAX A35.

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