PAX - Common Error Messages

PAX - Common Error Messages

This article shows the most common error messages in or while using Franpos and PAX (*Please click the arrows below for more details)

  • Transaction Error:Connect Error
    • Description: This error message is caused when the Communication type in BroadPOS is set to com1 or anything else other than Ethernet. This error message can also be caused by a weak Wifi connection or when the POS register setting is not turned on. Please switch to an ethernet connection and try again. The POS register setting (this is in the communications tab of BroadPos) is not turned on. The protocol type is not TCP/IP or the primary communication type is not LAN.
    • 2017-09-14_1720_001.png
  • Transaction Error:invalid card reader counter
    • Description: No information available
  • PAX needs to be updated to v1.11
    • Description: This error message appears when the PAX has been rebooted and detected that there is a newer version available. In this case, a new application has to be downloaded onto the PAX device through BroadPOS
    • pax_needs_to_update.jpg
  • Transaction failed: Fail to obtain approval for online transaction
    • Description: This error message can appear while using PayPal if a customer is using a re-loadable card.
    • image001.png
  • “”000100(Decline); Message; SEQ ERR PLS CALL
    • Description: This error can be fixed by the payment processor. Please refer customers to the payment processor and tell them that they need to force their batch through. No need to purge as they are already showing 0.00 in their pax.
  • invalid msg fmt
    • Description: This message can appear if you swipe too fast and the reader can't read it. This could also happen if the black part of the card is worn out or when a terminal ID or other information from the VAR sheet has been entered incorrectly into the config.
  • Payment Result Code: 100009 (RECEIVE ERROR); Message: RECEIVE ERROR;
    • Description: This message can appear if the terminal is reaching out to the processor but can't complete the process. Or by a typing error in the config. It could also be caused by an older application on the PAX or the connection could be blocked by a firewall.
    • 2018-03-30_1402.png
  • There is no default payment device
    • Description: This message appears if the initial sync on the POS is not complete. Please sync your Register completely and try again. If this doesn't solve the issue, press on the "i"-icon and tap on "restart".
  • Pax error - Check Lan Cable
    • Description: This Error message appears on the PAX screen if no LAN cable is plugged into the PAX device. This can also happen if the black connector cable from them PAX device is defective.
  • Pax error - RECV ACK ERROR
    • Description: This Error message appears on the POS screen if you are currently accessing the menu of the PAX while sending a transaction. This can also appear if the communication between the POS and PAX could not be established
  • Pax error - so open error uai
    • Description: This Error requires an update on the PAX device. Please contact support
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