Pax D200 Setup

Pax D200 Setup

This article describes the steps on how to set up the Pax D200 Mobile Pin-Pad. For more information, please also check the D200 Manual


When you first turn on your Pax D200 and you get to the Main Screen (with the Pax Logo), you want to connect the device to a WiFi connection to download the config that has all permanently stored information (WiFi SSID and Password, Bank information etc.) saved it. 


Please follow the steps below to start:

1. Press the green circle button

2. Enter the password 1234, today's or tomorrows date in this format: mmddyyyy


3. When you are in the Main Menu, press 6. or go down to Communication by pressing the F2 key and press the Green Enter button

4. Enter Password 1234, today's or tomorrows date in this format: mmddyyyy


5. Press 6 or go down to WiFi Parameters and the device should start searching for your WiFi

6. Select your WiFi by going up and down by pressing the F1/F2 key

7. Hit the Green Enter button and continue by entering your password


8. After confirming your password by pressing the Green Enter button, please press the             Red X button until you see the Pax Logo again. 

9. Your Device should say "Wifi init.


10. Go Back to Franpos Register >> Settings >> Devices >> Pin-pad Settings and Scan Network

11. Once its complete press Test Connection and your register should show a pop-up message saying 'Connection Established'


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