Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Franpos offers a variety of different payment methods. You can enable Cash, Check/money order, Store Credit, Pay later, Gift card, etc.

Create your own custom buttons to accept credit, debit, gift cards, cash or any payment type you want for your company to take. You can also use an integrated payment processor, or set-up a custom payment type to accept any form of non-integrate payment and work with your preferred merchant service provider.


In order to enable a specific payment method, please follow the link below:


  • Custom payment method: allows you to create your own payment method in which you can specify details such as whether a signature is required, or if it is refundable
  • Use my own terminal: enable this option if your business is using a payment terminal/processor combination that is not integrated with Franpos
  • Store credit: allows customer to purchase using value that is credited directly from the merchant
  • Pay later: allows creation of a layaway ticket with balance that must be completed at a later time
  • EBT/SNAP payment: allows transactions paid for by electronic benefits or food stamps. requires that item in the transaction be marked at EBT qualified
  • Account: used to allow customers to deposit money ahead of time, then use that deposit to pay for products and services
  • Gift card: Choose between Built-in (franpos' gift card system), Synergy (integrated), Givex (integrated), SVS (integrated), and Valutec (integrated)
  • Charge to room: enable this feature if you are a hospitality business using DigitalRez. 
  • Direct Pay: records transactions where customers pay a service provider directly rather than to the store
  • Square location: Allows merchant to process credit card payments with Square

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