Price embedded barcode pattern

Price embedded barcode pattern

The Price-embedded barcode pattern setting in the app allows the user to configure specific patterns to their businesses needs (with limitation). 


1. In order to set up the Price-embedded barcode pattern, please navigate to Settings > Features and scroll down. 


2. Enter a valid barcode pattern (see below). When no custom pattern is entered by the user, the default formats are:
12 digit barcodes: '2CCCCCVPPPPZ': CCCCC - product code (always 5 digits), PPPP - price (up to 9999 = $99.99), V and Z - checksums
13 digit barcodes: '02CCCCVPPPPPZ' or '20CCCCVPPPPPZ': CCCC - product code (always 4 digits), PPPPP - price (up to 99999 = $999.99), V and Z - checksums


Examples of valid patterns that the system should be able to read when scanned:


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