Processing Membership-transactions using CardConnect

Processing Membership-transactions using CardConnect

In this article you will learn how to Process membership transaction using card-connect payment.

Pre-requisite: Pay later needs to be enabled in Settings > Payment methods


Go to Settings > Company settings and additional settings.

1. Enable "Allow membership sales using Pay Later

 - As soon as this is turned on, you will be able to select which day of the month you want this feature to charge your customers




2. Select what day of the month the transactions should be charged on


Processing on the web register

If you need to process a transaction immediately, please follow the steps below. All transactions will be processed on the day you set up in the additional settings (the step above)

1. Go to the Account receivable report

2. Once there, set the start and end date, enter the ticket number or select the customer and press See Report

3. Check a ticket that you wish to process and click on the Batch Actions button



4. Press on Pay and the system should automatically take you to the web register



5. Press Click to pay and select your desired payment method to finish the transaction.


6. The transaction is completed


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