Purchase order

Purchase order

This tool can create and track both purchase orders and stock transfers to other locations. Upon receiving products with this tool, the amount will be added to on-hand quantity.

  • Catalog >> Inventory management >> purchase order

Add Purchase order

  1. Select ‘+’ icon and Click ‘Purchase order’
  2. Choose due date for your store order
  3. Add item by SKU 
  4. Upload by CSV file or any other option to use
  5. List of the product should appear in the grid table
  6. Change the Order QTY & adjust the Cost
  7. Click ‘Open order’
  8. You should have PO Number been created
  9. To continue Select ‘In Progress'
  10. Void the order if any mistakes have occurred
  11. Click ‘Receive’ option to continue your purchase order
  12. Shows how many QTY will be added to your store
  13. Press 'Recieve' to confirm you have received that product from any company for your store






View Complete Purchase order

   14. Shows PO order is been completed

   15. You can view the PO to print barcodes or re-order same product again



 Video Tutorial 


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