QBO Multi location

QBO Multi location

Franpos allows users to sync their Franpos data to one QBO account. This is achieved with the Track location function from QBO.

Pre-requisite: Multi-location sync will work only on Plus or higher tier of QuickBooks Online subscription. Purchase orders sync as Bills will only sync in Essentials or higher tier of QuickBooks Online subscription.

In order to enable the option to run reports for multiple locations in QBO, please read the following steps: 


1. Press the gear icon in your QBO Account



2. Press on Account and Settings after



3. Press on Advanced



4. Press on Track location,  enable this feature, select the label and press save.




5. Go to my.franpos.com and connect your QBO account with your Franpos location. Initialize this account and press save after.

6. Go to your second Franpos location and you should see a drop-down (see image below)




7. Select the location that you initially connected to QBO. Press initialize and save.

Please note: The option in the drop-down will be named after this location, but this won't have an effect on how it is being synced.



A sales receipt/summary will automatically have the location assigned and looks like this:



How can I run a report by location?

Most reports can be filtered by location. (example image below)

1. Please go to reports and open any report. 

2. Press on the Customize button

3. Press on Filter and select your track location label

4. After selecting your location, you can press on Run report




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