Reset Zebra Label Printer Settings to Default (ZD410/ TLP 2824 Plus)

Reset Zebra Label Printer Settings to Default (ZD410/ TLP 2824 Plus)

The label printer which is compatible with Franpos is only Zebra ZD410 .
Locations who needs to purchase new label printer should go for only - Zebra ZD410.

When the zebra printer stops printing labels correctly( SKU Cutting off, Name or the bar code cutting off etc. ) we recommend you perform a reset on zebra printer settings.

There are two ways to reset the printer . 

A. On the zebra printer itself -
B. From the Computer/Laptop.

Steps to Reset the Zebra ZD410 / TLP 2824 Plus label printer settings through Computer/Laptop.

1. Open search box on the computer/laptop to which the zebra printer is connected and type "Utilities" . Once you find the results select Zebra Setup Utilities.

2. Click on it and open it - You will find the list of zebra printers installed from the past/present etc. Select the printer that needs to be reset.
3.Click on Open printer tools like in the picture below.

4 You will find two tabs and need to select "Action" tab. Then select "Load factory defaults" and click on "Send".

5.It will print 4 blank labels from the printer and should complete the reset to default printer settings 

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