Retail - Price embedded barcode

Retail - Price embedded barcode

In this training, you will learn how price-embedded barcodes for weight-based products works for your retail and quick service restaurant store.

Pre-acquisition:-  Dashboard > Settings > Company Settings > Additional Settings > Unit of Measurement as 'US' > Press 'Save'

In order to do so, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Catalog >> Product & Service >> Select a Product you would like to be able to sell with pre-defined weight using price-embedded barcodes. The Product editing page will open.
  2. In order for the POS to be able to parse item's price when you scan a price-embedded barcode label, the item's SKU in the Backoffice must match the PLU code set on your scale when the barcode is generated. It is very important that the SKU is exactly 5 digits long. If your PLU is less than 5 digits long, please add as many zeroes in the front to make it 5 digits long. For example, if the PLU is 14, the SKU in the Backoffice must be saved as 00014 and if PLU is 50014 - the SKU will also be 50014 Update your item's SKU to follow the 5-digit rule described above if necessary 
  3. Change from Each to Pound (lb) so works out by weight.
  4. Save the changes. Once your Franpos Android app sync's, you should be able to scan a price-embedded barcode and the POS will add your item to the order with subtotal defined on the barcode label.



Important: The POS will try to reverse calculate the product weight from the barcode's price and current unit price. If your products price per weight unit (e.g. price per lb) doesn't match the per unit price set on the barcode scale when generating the barcode label, the weight calculated by the POS will be incorrect. If this happens, you can correct the price per unit if necessary by tapping the affected line item and manually entering the unit price shown on the barcode label (requires price adjustment permission). 

*Please note: Price-embedded barcodes are generally of the format '2XXXXXVPPPPC'. If the barcode starts with '02', the format would be 02XXXXXPPPPPC. XXXXX is the item code (always 5 digits), PPPP(P) is the price (e.g. 09999 for $99.99). V and C are checksums, which can be ignored. If barcode starts with 2 instead of 02, then price is limited to $99.99 instead of $999.99. The barcode is generated by a scale that has a built-in label printer. 

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