Retail & Service - Assign Giftcard to Category

Retail & Service - Assign Giftcard to Category

In this training, you will learn how to assign the build in a gift card to a different category.

  1. Login at back office > Go to Catalog > Products 
  2. Change Type to 'All'
  3. Select the Category ' General' 
  4. Press 'Search' Gift card will appear on the list.
  5. Press the Gift card product.Product_-_1.png
  6. The gift card product page will pop up. Find the category tab
  7. If you have created 'Cheat sheet' category , try to search for it and assign it to the category tab.  If not you can also create 'Cheat sheet' Category by press the blue '+' icon.
  8. Press 'Save' to proceed.
  9. Go to back to your Register and Press 'Sync' product_-_2.png
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