Sell Gift card

Sell Gift card

Franpos has a gift card item in inventory dedicated to selling and tracking your Gift Card balances. In this training, we will learn how to sell a gift card.


  • Settings > Payment Method > Enable 'Gift card' & Select ' Build in'
  1. Search and select a product called ‘Gift Card’ (SKU: 001). You may also search “Gift Card” from the search bar. After selecting a gift card, a new screen will appear
  2. Gift card code – This code is the code that the customer will use in order to redeem the remaining balance. It can be assigned automatically OR entered in to match the specific number on the card you are giving the customer. Price – This is the purchase price and balance that will be associated with the gift card.
  3. Tap 'Save' to complete the sale.


Don’t forget to give the customer the gift card OR the gift card code. They will need the card or the code to redeem against the balance!

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