Selling Weighted Products

Selling Weighted Products

You can sell weighted Products using Franpos. This article will help you set this up.


  • Settings > Company Settings > Change Unit of Measurement to 'US'
  1.  Before you can use a scale with your register, please go to "Settings", then Features" and make sure to turn on "enable scale". Upon enabling this, you will see a small message stating "USB service started" and "Scale connected". 
  2. When you select an item that is set to be weighted, you will be prompted to enter the weight manually, or the scale will add the weight automatically.



- As the base price already exists, you will have to weigh the item in order to have the system calculate the final weight/price. You can also print a new label if your scale has this feature. 

- You will be able to assign a label to the final weight/price prior to the transaction. However, each item has to be weighed by you before.  



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