Set Access Permissions

Set Access Permissions

FranPOS allows managers to set for each user/employee different access permission for view reports, edit employee details and delete tickets.

Franpos comes with 2 predefined access permissions:

  • Company Administrator which has access to all visible pages.
  • Employee which has only limited access to certain pages set by Company Admin.
  • These 2 access permissions are pre-defined and cannot be changed.

If different access permissions are required, Franpos allows administrators to create custom access permissions and assign it to employees.

In order to set those access permission to follow these steps:

Settings >> Employee >> Access Permission

1. Select the ‘+’ icon to add new access permission.

2. Name the access permission

3.Select the location

4.Click ‘Save’

You are now complete! New access permissions are now ready to use.

View Access Permission

  1. Select permission you want to view e.g. Store manager
  2. Select Store Location
  3. Keep or edit permission name
  4. Review or edit access

 Video Tutorial 

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