Set-up of PAX S300

Set-up of PAX S300

Connecting the PAX S300 Pin-Pad

  1. Watch the video to get an idea of the installation instructions. Not all connections will be exactly as described in the video. Note Your locations will only need to use the LAN (ethernet) cable connection mentioned in the video. A phone line can be connected to the blue port to act as a failover backup in case your internet were to go down.  No additional setup should be required on the pin-pad.
  2. Once your terminal is connected to your network plug in the power and your pin-pad will begin to boot
  3. Your pin-pad may download some updates. Once these downloads are complete and the pad is at the main screen a tap logo should be displayed
  4. The first time you connect the PAX-it will reboot (approximately 10 minutes)
  5. Once PAX is completed the reboot, log in to your iCR app Make sure you use the latest version by tapping the ‘i’ button, ‘Check for update’, and follow the instructions

6. Go to Settings>> Devices>>PAX Pin-pad settings

7. Enter the pin-pad Serial Number and tap FIND IP BY SN (Turn the pad over and note the serial number written on the back)

8. Once IP address is updated tap on the Test Connection button, you should see ‘Connection
established’ message
If you are unable to find IP or see the ‘Connection established’ message please verify you
are connected to the internet and that the iCR and PAX device are on the same network.


pin-pad_-_4.png9. In order to have customer digitally sign on receipt please make sure ‘Customer signature
request’ switch is turned ON (default)
Customer will sign on the PAX device

10. You are now ready to run credit card transactions.


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