Setting up and using ACH

Setting up and using ACH

Franpos makes charging royalties simple through ACH. To setup ACH for each Franchise location, log into the Parent Company, then visit
Settings -> Financial -> ACH


On the ACH page, click the "+" button to setup ACH for a single location:mceclip1.png

In the fly-out form, you will need to select a location to setup then fill out the appropriate account details (repeat the process for each location):mceclip2.png

Once ACH is successfully configured, you can make use of the Royalty Charges Report. Access this report by visiting
Reports -> Common -> Royalty Charges Report


In this report, generate by selecting a frequency that matches the frequency configured in your Royalty setup:


You should then see a list of royalty charges for the chosen location(s) and date range. You can click on the "⋮" button to approve the charge with ACH.mceclip5.png

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