Setting up regulatory fees/CRV

Setting up regulatory fees/CRV

Depending on where your business operates, you may have regulatory fees on certain items that you would pass on to the consumer, such as California’s CRV. It is possible to configure tax settings in Franpos to accommodate such a situation.

To apply a fee to an item, first create a new Tax Category.
From the side bar navigation, go to Settings -> General -> Tax Settings.

On the Tax settings page, click the “+” button to add a new Tax Category.

Once the Tax Category is created, click on it. Inside the flyout screen, first add your normal sales tax lines, much like any already existing Tax Category. Next add an additional tax line to use for your fee.

Once inside the popup,
1. Give the name of the fee
2. Set tax type to “Fee” (this indicates that the fee line is applied before tax, and thus taxable)
3. Set amount to either percentage-based or flat amount.
4. Save

The final steps are to save the new Tax Category containing the fee, then visit the Catalog to apply the new Tax Category to any products that require it.

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