Show stock from nearby location feature

Show stock from nearby location feature

In this article we are going to explain how Show stock from nearby location feature work. 

We store the address and zip code that the user used to search for stores when he first visited the site.

Conditions for this feature:

- The "Show stock from nearby locations" toggle on the e-commerce page is enabled in the back office.

- There are no products in the shopping cart in the current store.

- product stock = 0.

Locations must be available within 50 miles of the address (first point).

If these conditions are met, a section with nearby locations will appear on the product page.

1) First screen: if there are no available locations within 50 miles

2) Second screen: if there are available locations within 50 miles


Clicking on one of the proposed locations opens the product page for the selected location.

Clicking on the zip code in this section (it is blue) will open the Locations popup on the left.

By choosing the second tab in this pop-up (nearby locations), you can change the store, or if you enter a new zip code and click "SHOP THIS LOCATIONS,"  the selected store will open, and the user's new address based on his zip code will be saved.

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