Square installation (Android)

Square installation (Android)

 In this training, you will learn how to integrate square with the franpos register.

  1. In Franpos Backoffice Go to Company Settings 
  2. Payment Method (account must have no CC provider setup).

integrate_-_1.png      3. Click on “Activate Square” button, follow the steps to log in to Square account and grant permissions, then select location at the end.


Sign in with your Square information.

square 02 a


3. Launch Franpos Register app, log in and let the app sync completely. After this, please go to Settings > Credit card services and enabling "use Square Reader SDK".

If the app was running before the Square account was linked, please re-launch the app. This can be done by pressing the info icon and "Restart".





Please note: If you already have another merchant services provider setup in your Account, you may not be able to integrate Square the same way as mentioned above.




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