Square Terminal setup

Square Terminal setup

Square Terminal + Franpos Register Setup Instructions:

  1. Re-authenticate Square account in Franpos Backoffice to enable Terminal management permissions:
  2. Go to Settings > Payment methods > Square
  3. Tap “Remove access” to deauthorize previously linked Square account (if any)
  4. Tap “Activate Square” and link Square merchant account

Prepare Square Terminal for pairing:

  1. Make sure Square Terminal is connected to the Internet (refer to device manual)
  2. Logout of Square Terminal (if previously logged in)
  3. Reboot Square Terminal (wait for the latest updates to be installed if needed)
  4. Tap “Sign In”
  5. Tap “Use a device code”

Pair Franpos Register with Square Terminal:

  1. Sync Franpos Register
  2. Go to Devices > Payment terminal
  3. Select Connection type “Square Terminal” (restart the app when prompted) 
  4. Go back to Devices > Payment terminal
  5. Tap “Configure device”
  6. Once 6 letter code is displayed, enter the code on Square Terminal (all caps, no spaces) and tap “Sign In”

Upon successful pairing, device code popup on Franpos Register will dismiss automatically, Serial number field will populate and Status field will change to “Terminal paired”. Square Terminal will reload and will display black screen with nothing but Square logo in the middle. 

NoteSometimes terminal doesn’t pair from the first attempt and returns back to initial screen instead. In such case, tap "Sign In" > “Use a device code” again and re-enter the same code one more time. If pairing still unsuccessful, generate a new code by tapping “Configure device” again and repeating the process.

Note - If store is intending to use one Square Terminal with multiple Franpos Registers, pairing needs to be done only once (on any Register), sync other Registers to get access to the terminal settings. If each Register has its own Square Terminal, repeat pairing process for each Register/Terminal pair (even if Register already shows paired status). Serial number on the back of the target Square Terminal should match paired terminal serial number in Franpos Register settings.

Note - To unpair Square Terminal, login to Square Backoffice and go to Account & Settings > Business > Devices. Find Franpos Register name in the list, tap (...) menu, select "Deactivate" and confirm deactivation. Reboot Square Terminal. "Session Expired" message will appear, dismiss it. Terminal will return to initial screen and can be paired again.

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