Static vs. Dynamic IP setup iCT250.

Static vs. Dynamic IP setup iCT250.

In this article, you will learn how to change the IP Address from static to dynamic on the iCT250.


  • Press the .,#* button
  • Enter the password
  • Go to Setup Menu or press "3"
  • Enter the password
  • Go to Communications or press "2"
  • Go to Ethernet or press "3"
  • Press "2" or select Ethernet setup
  • Select "1" for Dynamic and "2" for Static.


In case you selected static:


  • Go to TerminIP or press "1" and enter the static IP
  • Go to GatewayIP or press "2" and enter the Gateway IP
  • Go to IPSubMask or press "3" and enter the subnet mask IP (usually
  • Go to PriDNSIP or press "4" and enter the primary DNS IP
  • Go to SecDNSIP or press "5" and enter the secondary DNS IP

Please provide chase with your IP as they will have to permanently enter it into the device settings on their end. 

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