Franpos eCommerce Subscriptions Set-up

Subscription Set-Up

In this training you will learn how to setup Subscriptions for products sold on your eCommerce site.

Navigate to Catalog >> Products

First select an item to enable subscriptions

1. Use this toggle to toggle on subscriptions

2. Use the drop down to select the intervals you want your customers to be able to automatically reorder the product (Allows for multi select i.e. 1 week, 2 week, 3 weeks, etc.)

3. Use this drop down to define your previously selected intervals to be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly (i.e. You select the number 4 and 6 in step 2 and with the drop down in step 3 you can define the intervals to Week. Result: Subscription can be renewed every 4 or 6 weeks.)

4. On your website, your customers can now choose to automatically reorder your products based on the subscription plans that you have defined.

Note - Customers will need to be signed on and have a card on file for them to automatically order their subscribed products.

It is also possible to add a subscription for a customer on their profile at

1. Click on the customer -
2. Select "Recurring Charges/Subscriptions"
3. Select the + Symbol
4. Enter in the name or the SKU of the subscription product to add
5. Fill out the requirements for the customer
      a. Price
      b. Quantity
      c. Start date
      d. Frequency
      e. Verify their delivery address
      f. Select Save

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