Unable to log in

Unable to log in

This article will show different error message at the login screen and how to resolve them.


If you get this error message:


 Please check the following:

1. Contact your company administrator

2. Check if the account has been locked due to a failed payment. If you log in to my.franpos.com, you should only be able to access the account billing page. Franpos will charge your account on the 1st of every month and your card might have been declined.


If you get this error message:


1. Please check your username/password and enter the correct information

2. Reset your password following this article


If you get this error message:


1. Please enter your login information


If you get this error message:


1. Please check your internet connection


If you get this error message:


 1. Please check the date and time of the device by pulling down your finger on the top left of the screen. After that, tap the time/date and change both in the Date & Time settings.

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