Download/Update & Install the Register Application to the latest Version On An Android Tablet ( POS )

Download/Update & Install the Register Application to the latest Version On An Android Tablet ( POS )

Steps to Update or Download and Install the Register Application to the latest Version On An Android Tablet ( POS )

There are two different ways to do this.

Process 1 -

1. Please verify the Current Version your register application is on.
2. In order to verify the version Please click on the " i "  button which is on the top left corner beside the employee name .
3. Once you verify the version you can close the window by clicking the same " i " button.

4. Whenever we Publish a new version from Franpos all our customers will see a notification at the top center inside the register application like in the picture below.

5. Please click on it and it gives you an Option to Download .

6. Once click on Download it will start downloading and the progress will be seen like in the picture below.

7. Once downloaded it gives and option to install. Please click on install.

8. Once installed please click on Open and it should open the register application again.

9. Once opened you can click on the " i " again and verify the version.

10. Once you are on the latest version you will not see any notification in the top center saying update available anymore.

Process 2 :

1. Please Kill the application.
2. In order to Kill the application click on the square button like you see in the picture below. If it is the old model of our POS you will see a Two rectangles button instead square.

3. Once you click on the square button you should see all the applications which are running in the back ground. Please click on clear all or close one by one by clicking on the " x " . Once done it will take you back to the home screen.

4. Click on the arrow up and pull the screen

5. Once you see the home screen look for Google Chrome or Browser or Lightning.

6. Once you open the browser - Type in " " in the address bar and click on Enter Button.

7. It will take you to our app store with all our applications. Click on Register.

8. Once you click on it - will start downloading at the bottom center or on the top left corner.

9, Once done downloading it will give you an option to install and open .

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