Using the Cash Drawer

Using the Cash Drawer

To open the drawer to start, open the context menu by tapping the "..." button near the bottom left of the main register screen. 


Alternatively, if the drawer is closed, it will be opened automatically as soon the "Charge" button is tapped.

Both methods lead to the screen that allows the initial drawer count to be entered:



Once the drawer is open, you can do the following:

1. Make a "Drawer entry"

2. Close the drawer

3. Print the "X Report"


When making a drawer entry, there is an option "no sale". This option is for anytime the drawer is used while no transaction is occuring:


Final counts can be made upon selecting "close drawer". When selecting done, there will be a prompt to print a Z Report. Z reports cannot be printed after the drawer is closed!



Cash Drawer usage can later be reviewed in the back office under Reports -> Sales Reports -> Close Day.

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