Using Tip Adjust with Square Payments

Using Tip Adjust with Square Payments

In this article we will show you how to do a preauthorization and tip adjust post order

***Tip Adjust toggle under Settings > Features must be on before placing any orders***

To place the initial delivery order – 

     1. Select or add a customer to the order
     2. Ring in the customers food
     3. Choose Delivery as the order type
     4. Hit charge to bring up customers delivery menu


     6. Confirm preselected delivery date and time


     8. Select “Manual Entry” payment type
     9. Enter in card number, expiration, CVV, and zip code


     11. Hit Save at bottom to process the sale
     12. Collect and record the order number

To complete the sale after tips have been collected

     13. Select Orders menu
     14. Find the order that was originally placed
     15. Highlight it
     16. Select the 3-dot menu followed by “Adjust Tip”
     18. Enter in the tip amount
     19. Order will now be finalized

You can review orders in your square account to see the preauthorization and the tips collected

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