Walk-in setup (iOS)

Walk-in setup (iOS)


Your POS system connects with our customer facing check-in module. The check-in module allows customers to check themselves into the service queue using the iPad kiosk. For example, your POS station (i.e. iPad cash register) will be in the back of the store, and your customer facing check in iPad will be located on the front counter.

Connect Devices

You’ll be using at least two iPads in your store, one for the customers to check themselves in and one for checking out.

In this training you’ll learn how to connect both devices so that they’ll be able to communicate and transfer check-in information simultaneously.

On both devices:

  1. Make sure both iPads are using the same wifi network.
  2. Log in to the system using your store POS credentials
  3. Click on ‘My Company’ button.

my company button

Click on ‘Connect other devices.’

connect on other devices

Your two iPads will now identify each other. On one of the iPads, click on the device name that was found. Then, a message will pop-up alerting you that the other iPad wants to connect. Proceed to approve this.

identify iPads

After the iPad finishes the syncing process, you’ll notice a message indicating that the devices are connected.

ipad sync

Customer Check-in

  • You can simply use one iPad to test this now. But You’ll use two separate iPads when you go live.
  1. Log in to iConncet POS app and tap on the ‘Walk-in’ button.

walk in icon

A new screen is now opened. This will be the check-in screen that the customer will use upon arrival to the store.

Follow the steps to check yourself in. When you are done, tap finish.

check in for service


You are now checked-in and autmatically added to the register queue in the register screen of the POS station.

To leave the walk-in module click on the ‘Done’ button on the left hand side and fill your user password. Note: customers will not have the password, therefore will not be able to exit the check-in screen.

  • The ‘Done’ button automatically disappears once a customer is in the process of checking-in and returns once a customer completes the check-in process.


In the ‘Check-out customer’ training we’ll learn how to check this customer out (i.e. accept payment).

  • Once a customer checks-in, the system will know if that customer exists in the customer database and will merge that entry with any matching customer.

If the customer does NOT exist in the customer database, the system will create a new customer under that name and phone number.

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