We're releasing exciting new features on June 5th!

We're releasing exciting new features on June 5th!




Our next release on June 5th will include some exciting new features and application improvements.



Lightning fast speed!

We have rewritten the code for the back office to optimize speed so that certain actions and procedures like loading pages, generating reports, receiving inventory, and syncing are now much faster. These code improvements have reduced sync time by 300%. For example, with poor internet connection it could take up to two minutes to finish syncing, now it takes less than 10 seconds. Faster than the speed of light? Close enough.

Offline Cash Drawer Open/Close

Clocking off in a hurry? Enable new feature settings in the Android app to allow for opening and closing the cash drawer offline without an internet connection. This feature removes the mandatory step of syncing before closing the drawer because the sync will occur automatically once the device is back online without losing data. This feature comes in handy when there's an internet outage.

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New Ingredients Report for QSR

We released a new report for tracking ingredients! First, create stock units for ingredients. Then use these ingredients to build recipes for menu items. The Ingredients Report tracks ingredient inventory so you can forecast the quantity of ingredients needed to produce your delicious recipes. You no longer need to use the Modifiers Report to track ingredient stocks.

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Hey Canada! Sales Taxes Simplified

Why do Canadian sales taxes have to be so complicated? For our Canadian folks, we have harmonized sales taxes to automatically calculate taxes for the following conditions:

1. If items qualify for certain rebates

2. If the subtotal of all qualifying items is less than or equal to $4.00 dollars

3. If a single serving, packaged non-alcoholic beverage qualifies when sold alongside a qualifying food item


Zero Out Uncounted Inventory Automatically

There is a new toggle located on the Reconciliation Report to automatically input zero amount for quantity of uncounted inventory. You no longer need to manually zero out quantities for uncounted items when the toggle is enabled. Because who has time for that?

Apply Discounts to Selected Items on Order Screen

In the order cart on the application, you can apply discounts to several items on the order without having to apply a discount to the entire order or to a single item.

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Reprint Z Reports

We all make mistakes. Perhaps the most common mistake is forgetting to print the Z report before closing the drawer! In case this happens, you can log back in and reprint the Z report from the most previous drawer session. Phew!!

Blanket Price Updates

Select multiple items and perform price update to all items simultaneously. That means no more adjusting prices for items one-by-one. Think of all the time you save? You can adjust the price at a set amount, add or subtract either a fixed amount of percentage of the cost. Save new amounts and sync the register to update the price.

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