Zebra Printer - Print Discount Text Label

Zebra Printer - Print Discount Text Label

In this article, you will learn how to print your own label text using zebra designer application.

  1. First Download the application from https://downloads.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/software-printer/productivity-apps/zebra-designer/zebradesigner-v250-9425.exe
  2. Once the download is complete, Please try to install the application to your desktop by just pressing 'Next' for every step.
  3. Open 'Zebra Designer 2' application from your desktop it should be already located already on your desktop or alternatively, you can search for it on your desktop.
  4. Select 'Create new a label' then press 'Finish'Zebra_-_1.png
  5. Once you see your printer name depending on the model e.g. Zdesigner LP 2824 PLUS or ZDesigner LP 410. Press 'Finish'Zebra_-_2.png
  6. A blank page will appear, then Select 'Text' from the left-hand tab.Zebra_-_3.png
  7. Once you pressed text, tab your mouse or press enter to white plain label sheet on the middle. Another screen will appear where you can enter text e.g $20 OFF. You can also change your font, once its completed press' Finish'Zebra_-_4.png
  8. Your text will appear on the plain white label. 
  9. Once you happy with the size of the logo, Press 'File'
  10. Press 'Print'Zebra_-_5.png
  11. Another small tab will appear where it will ask you QTY of label you want a print, once you're happy then press 'Print'Zebra_-_6.png

Please note: The settings of the printer will change when you are printing barcode labels. To get the barcode label to work again please follow this instruction once you are done with printing discount label.

  1. Close the Z Designer 2 application once your done printing 'Discount labels'
  2. On your desktop Search box type in 'Zebra setup utilities' Open it, Click 'Yes' to proceed.Step_-_1.png
  3. Zebra setup utility page will appear to make sure you select your printer. Then Press 'Open Printer tools'Step_-_2.png
  4. Change the tab to ' Action'.
  5. High light ' Load factory defaults'
  6. Press 'Send' at this stage it will print 4 blank labels.
  7. Once it printed blank labels go back to my.franpos.com > Catalog > Inventory Management > Print barcode label > Type SKU > Load Barcode > Print.Step_-_3.png


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