Create a PO with stock units

Create a PO with stock units

Creating a purchase order for stock units is similar to creating any other purchase order



In order for the stock unit to be ordered in a PO, we need to associate the stock unit with a product. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Follow the guide on how to create a stock unit 
  2. Link an item with the created stock unit by opening up the product in your catalog, turning on track inventory and selecting the purchasing stock unit and purchasing quantity




3. Press save on the product profile page


Creating a PO with a stock unit


  1. Select the ‘+’ icon on the purchase order page and Click ‘Purchase order’
  2. Choose due date for your store order
  3. Add item by SKU 
  4. Upload by CSV file or any other option to use
  5. List of the product should appear in the grid table
  6. Change the Order QTY & adjust the Cost
  7. Click ‘Open order’
  8. You should have PO Number been created
  9. To continue Select ‘In Progress'
  10. Void the order if any mistakes have occurred
  11. Click ‘Receive’ option to continue your purchase order
  12. Shows how many QTY will be added to your store
  13. Press 'Recieve' to confirm you have received that product from any company for your store




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