eCommerce Order Fulfillment

eCommerce Order Fulfillment

In this training, you will learn how to configure your register to receive online order tickets.

On your register navigate to Settings >> eCommerce

1. Enable Receive ecommerce orders on this device to be notified with online order tickets.

2. Make audible sound when new orders arrive - This will enable your register to produce an audible alert to notify you of a new online order.
3. Print a notification slip when new orders arrive - This will enable your register to print order details automatically when they are placed.

Customers can now place orders once your website is live, and you are ready to begin receiving your online orders.

1. Customers navigate to your website.
2. From here they can view and select products that you have available.

3. Once a product has been selected you can select ADD TO CART.

4.In shopping cart page you can finalize your order by clicking CHECKOUT.

5. Fill out your contact information. In this example we are going to walk you through Store Pickup
6. After filling out your information, select next to select your payment information.

1. Pay at store

1. Select the Pay at store option.
2. Click Next.

3. Once complete click SUBMIT PAYMENT

4. After you have successfully completed your order you will receive the following confirmation screen.

2. Pay with Credit/Debit Card

1. Select the Credit/debit card option

2. Fill in your card information.
3. Once complete, select Submit payment.

4. After you have successfully submitted your payment you will receive the following confirmation screen.

After your customer has successfully placed their order:

1. You will have a red notification badge over tickets indicating that you have a new order.
2. Select Tickets to begin processing your online orders.

3. You will notice that your online orders are indicated with a globe icon.
4. Select the ticket and on the right side of the screen you can review your customers order.
5. Click PROCESS when you are getting your customers products ready for pickup.

6. When your customer's order is ready for pickup click READY TO PICK UP. Your customers will receive a text and email notification alerting them their order is ready for pickup.

7. When your customer arrives to pick up their order click Pay.

8. You should now be able to follow your normal orders of operation to complete your customers transaction.

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